Salsa123 strives to satisfy every student. Our teachers are longtime salsa dancers trained to teach, animate and entertain. Salsa123 engages dance trainers from many countries to provide students with the highest possible level of professional education.

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Rodolfo Caro – Müller

The founder, owner and manager of Salsa 123, Rodolfo Caro – Müller, grew up in Lima Peru. He gained his first dance experiences as a member of various folk dance groups in Peru and Switzerland. He completed the training necessary for his professional career at the state-recognized Fachhochschule Stuttgart (diploma in physical education and movement education). Before that, he was trained as a sports teacher.

Rodolfo offers courses in several languages ​​(German, Spanish, English and French) and has more than 20 years of professional experience as a dance teacher in a national and international context.

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Reynaldo Lopez

In his home country of Dominican Republic, dance was very crucial to him. When he came to Switzerland, he got to know the scene and decided to join Salsa123 as a teacher. Reynaldo’s dance style deviates from the dance school salsa – he does not dance by the rules, but lets music and movement carry him away instead! Like all of our teachers, Reynaldo is very well-connected to our students.

He inspires dancers in many positive ways and motivates them to practice. His motto is that salsa dancing starts with a smile.

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Ania Kimla

Our teacher Ania is Polish and has always loved dancing. Ania first came into contact with salsa when she came to Switzerland and started her studies. Soon after her first salsa course, she started accompanying Rodolfo as a salsa teacher in Zürich and Lucerne at Salsa 123. Like Rodolfo, Ania is a peoples’person and inspires students with her style.

Ania dances the Cuban Miami style as well as the sophisticated Puerto Rican style. In addition to teaching at Salsa 123, Ania today offers ladies styling and Fitness Dance as well as kids dance classes in different locations in Zurich.