It is a lot of fun to practice basic steps with Salsa 123 again and again and then to be able to easily catch the rhythm of the music in the figures. Street and club salsa are here in perfect balance for me! Until 50, I believed what I was told: I cannot dance.

Rodolfo refuted this in three lessons and helped me get rid of my fear not to be able to move free to the music. He is very respectful of the music, this is especially important to me as a musician.


The courses at Salsa 123 are my weekly meeting points, which give me a lot of zest for life and cordiality. In the courses, dance enthusiasts of different ages and nationalities meet, which contributes to the pleasant atmosphere.

During the hour, Rodolfo keeps an eye on every participant. With a lot of patience, he sensitively brings tips and ideas for improvement of the steps and hand position.

In each class both beginners and advanced dancers, have the opportunity to expand their skills with new turns and combinations. And all this takes place in a friendly, easy-going atmosphere and laughter.


I’m at Salsa 123 because their relaxed atmosphere during the classes is perfect for learning salsa. And Rodolfo simply serves us salsa with humor.

Maria Baumgartner, lecturer for solo singing at the Pedagogical University (ph) Rämistrasse 59, Zurich

In 2014, the new Pedagogical University recognized Salsa123 as the best salsa dance school of all dance schools in Switzerland.

Katja Mosele, Migros Klubschule Lucerne, Head of Languages ​​and Team

We were thrilled with your trial lesson and would like to thank you again. It was an impressive performance and we felt that salsa is not witchcraft. Now, I hope some of our instructors have been seized by the salsa fever and will benefit from your course offerings.

Ursula Kuttner, high school teacher (German language and literature) and gymnastics teacher

As part of Pro Senectute, I have been dancing salsa in the class of Mr. Rodolfo Müller for a good year. It is always a pleasure to travel to Zurich Kluspark on Friday afternoon to dance. Rodolfo radiates the much-praised southern joie de vivre; other dance teachers do that as well.

However, he also has pedagogical skills – he is capable to dismantle and explain movement sequence, he is patient, he can reduce the tempo temporarily, recognizes students’ progress and also praises individual results!

Add to that the insight into the music of another culture directly during the class as Rodolfo plays small percussion instruments.

Astrid von Büren, head of fitness team TiV STV Neuenkirch / Yvonne Betschart Head of competition team TiV STV Neuenkirch

We thank you again for the great, entertaining evening. We enjoyed it very much.

Salsa Rainer

I go to Salsa123 because our dance group is easy going, enjoyable and it has a peronal touch! You always feel welcomed there! Moreover, Rodolfo’s lessons are neither too acrobatic nor artistic.

Zurich sailing club

Many thanks for the great dance class we were allowed to experience with you!

You have brought us salsa and shown us a large repertoire of steps and figures. Now it is up to us to practice, practice, practice! Also the sociable part of the course was not to be underestimated !! It was a workout for body, mind and soul !!! Again a big thank you.


Thank you Rodolfo for your wonderfully invigorating, humorous way of communicating salsa, mixed with joy and a pinch of philosophy in inspiring elegance.


I still rave about the dance class – especially your way and your ability to inspire your students, so that everyone learns to dance salsa with you. With humorous gestures you have shown us a lot about the salsa culture, which in turn has made it easier for us to tackle the dance lessons in more relaxed manner if it “chnorzte”. I appreciated that! Well, and by the way, we still dance salsa!


Salsa 123 is a loving, warm salsa school. I attended their classes couple of times as supportive dancer in Lucerne and Zurich. Anytime Rodolfo calls I will be happy to come back as an apprentice or as a taxi dancer.


The salsa course with Rodolfo Müller is a weekly pleasure for me. It makes you and other participants happy if you can dance together based on the learned steps and characters. Rodolfo is a teacher with much patience – “false kicks” are encouraged and redesigned by him to be used in dance.

Alex & Maja

The dance, which we rehearsed with your help, was successful at our wedding party.

Thank you for your support! Our friends and relatives were all pleasantly surprised. We had not told anyone that we were planning this dance. We hope that we will soon be able to continue practicing salsa.


It is pure joy to go to the salsa course with Rodolfo on Wednesdays. I do not go to a dance school, as you know it in the traditional sense – I’ve tried twice, but without the desire for more! What makes a difference? In addition to a well-structured course, warm-up and final phase with training of all steps come combinations that are so disassembled and reassembled pedagogically that everyone learns with ease and fun step by step these. The whole thing is enriched by Rodolfo with philosophical inputs and references to music, rhythms and instruments that it just makes you want more, and the class evening often seems too short. When I drive home afterwards, I feel elated, my head is empty, I switched from work mode as an entrepreneur to leisure mode and my conscience is calm, because I have already done something for my health. And only with fun!

Iren and Margrit + 28 ladies

We organized a trial lesson with Rodolfo after Senior Ladies Championship in the Golf Club Lucerne. After 4 hours of golf probably a risk? However, the reactions were consistently positive, anger about failed strokes, back and other pains were danced away, joy and good mood were evident in all faces. Rodolfo fueled the mood with his agility, rhythm and enthusiasm for salsa, which in turn was transferred to the participants. It was a grandiose occasion that remains in the best memories of all. Let`s salsa!